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Since my first flight during my wingsuit first jump course with Arcus Flight, I knew I was in good hands. After my first jump course, and my first time renting a suit from this company, I still keep coming back for more. All of the gear is in fantastic condition, and they have a great range of suits for all different wingsuit levels, and super fun tracksuits too! I have continued to get wingsuit coaching through Arcus, well after my FJC. Ensuring safe, fun, and challenging days of jumping; this company, the coaches, and suit service have fully supported me through my wingsuit experience. This is a company that cares about their customers!! They continue to boost my confidence, and inspire me every time I fly with them. I highly recommend the coaching, and suit rentals. The owners of Arcus Flight have added a massive, positive impact on my confidence in my wingsuit flying, and I wouldn’t be where I am without their patience and in-depth coaching. From the wingsuit first jump course and coaching, to the wingsuit rentals, this company is a rockstar for it all!!!

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